Our link to the Amazon Rainforest | Pipers Corner School

Our link to the Amazon Rainforest

Since 1998, our former Environmentalist-in-Residence and Friend of Pipers, Phil Williams has been taking people on expeditions to the Ecuadorian Amazon.

During these expeditions, he struck up a relationship with Juan Kunchikuy, an Amazonian indigenous person known as a Shiwiar (also known as Shuar).

Juan’s fluency in English has made him one of the most sort after guides, which has lead him to work with National Geographic, many documentary and wildlife film companies from the USA and Europe and has visited the UK frequently to speak at The Houses of Parliament and Welsh Government.

This connection has made Pipers Corner School the only school in the UK to have a live educational link to the Amazon Rainforest. The below video was provided by Juan during our School events on World Earth Week 2022.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was difficult for Juan to once again visit the UK, however the communication never stopped between Juan and the School. Juan was able to find a location near to his Amazon home where he could receive a reliable signal, enabling Pipers to run a series of ongoing classes live, including Geography and Science. Within the next School year, Textiles and Languages will also be included in the live streams and the School is planning for Juan’s wife and two friends to teach the students how to do Amazonian dances.

This popular and unique opportunity is giving our students a chance to meet and work with someone with different life and culture, bringing Global Citizenship to life.