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Scholarships and Bursaries

There is no such thing as a Pipers girl, as a result, we are always keen to encourage girls with talent and potential, and to widen access to allow as many girls as possible to take advantage of the excellent education that we offer.

We are proud not to be academically selective, our students are required to achieve good-average ability in their entrance assessments, but we are confident of the added value our excellent teachers and facilities give our girls. Whilst students go on to excel in the public examinations at GCSE and A Level, and then some go on to further study at Oxbridge and other top universities or specialist dance, drama, art and design and music colleges, we remain committed to the fact that the next step after Pipers needs to be right for the student, not the School.


We offer scholarships for Year 7 and Sixth Form entry, as well as means-tested bursaries.

We offer Year 7 Scholarships for entry into the Senior School. The scholarships are open to all students, those joining the School in Year 7, as well as those transitioning from our own Prep department.

Girls can apply for a Scholarship in the following areas (applicants are limited to one application):

  • Academic
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • PE


The Jessie Cross Award is a means-tested award which is available to a deserving student, currently educated in a state primary school, and who shows promise in a number of areas. For more information please select the following link.

Year 7 Scholarship Booklet

We offer Year 12 Scholarships for entry into the Sixth Form. The scholarships are subject specific. For more information about our Sixth Form Scholarships, please select the following link

Sixth Form Scholarships Booklet


Parents of girls applying for a scholarship, can also apply for a means-tested Bursary. These are available up to a maximum of 100% of fees (including any Scholarship award). Maximum fee remission is only awarded in exceptional circumstances. The means-tested assessment is usually carried out by third-party provider.

Please note: In order to proceed with an application for a Scholarship, girls must either be current pupils at Pipers Corner or be registered on our waiting list for places. To register your daughter at Pipers please complete our Registration Form.