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Why Choose a Girl's School

Single-sex education is about catering learning to the specific needs of girls and young women, and creating a supportive environment that enables students to believe in themselves and their abilities.

Academic benefits

On average, academic attainment at GCSE and A Level is higher in girls schools than in co-educational institutions, and this fact is not just limited to the independent sector. Every year, students at Pipers achieve beyond expectation, attaining top grades and proceeding to study at universities best suited for them whether in the UK or overseas, furthermore, some embark on a journey of degree apprenticeships, mixing work experience with a workplace led degree most recently at Microsoft and BAE.

According to the Girls’ School Association, girls at single sex schools are 75% more likely to take Maths A level, two and a half times as likely to take Physics and over twice as likely to take most languages.

The experience of education and adolescence is fundamentally different for boys and girls, girls typically prefer group learning, full of discussion and collaborative projects. In a co-educational setting, girls can adapt their behaviour around male peers, they may avoid contributing in class and be less inclined to take risks. Girls also have a tendency to criticise themselves, rather than their teachers, if they receive a low mark. 

Which is why we prioritise confidence building, whether it’s taking to the stage for a production of Grease, leading the opening statement for Senior Debating, or even instilling a positive attitude towards challenging mathematical concepts. Research shows that students at GSA schools have greater commitment, emotional control and confidence in their abilities. This applies to more than just academia, the environment at Pipers means that there are no perceived limits to what they can achieve in life.

The real reason girls come here is to lap up the learning journey itself, to get away from the pressure of local hothouses, to get creative and to gain skills for life – resilience, agility and collaboration among them.

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Removal of stereotypes

In a world full of perpetual expectations and immense pressure on girls to concern themselves with appearance (in a multifaceted sense), an environment that removes the idea of male and female subjects enables students to make unbiased decisions about their future. Research carried out by the Girls School Association shows that uptake of Science and Maths at A Level is higher in girls-only settings; at Pipers 43% of our Sixth Form students are studying Science or Maths. 

Throughout the school, at all age groups, our students are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities embracing as many opportunities as they possibly can.

Our diverse range of extra-curricular activities gives every student the chance to find their passion, whether it is artistic, physical, musical, or intellectual.

As society has warmed to the prospect of female leadership, with women sitting in the highest offices of international politics, such as Vice President, Prime Minister, and Chancellor, the opportunity for our girls to experience responsibility and inspire others at School is paramount. Our students don’t have to compete for leadership positions that are often retained by their male peers at school and in the wider world. At Pipers, our students have moved way beyond the notion that gender restricts them or promotes positions of leadership or influence.