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Prep Enrichment & Extra-Curricular

Students are provided with plenty of opportunities to participate in a diverse range of activities including clubs, sport fixtures and trips.

This enrichment plays a vital role in the development of well-rounded individuals, and girls are encouraged to step out of their comfort zones wherever possible in pursuit of trying something new.


With a wide selection of lunch-time and after-school clubs and activities to choose from, girls in the Prep Department are encouraged to discover their own interests in areas such as sport, technology, outdoor pursuits, performing and creative arts. Some examples of current clubs are:

Prep ChoirDrama and Junior Theatre CompanyMini CraftersOrigami
GardeningSpanishRock BandBasketball
Young ApprenticeRugbyEnglish Speaking Board 

Girls not participating in an after-school club, but who instead choose to undertake homework can do so during After-School Prep, in the welcoming surroundings of the Senior Library under the supervision of academic staff between 1600-1800 hours.

School Trips

Prep staff organise regular school trips to places of interest with historic, cultural or religious significance.

  • History | Verulamium Museum, Bentley Priory Museum
  • Science | Science Museum, RHS Garden Wisley, Science Oxford
  • Music | Young Voices Massed Choir (Years 5 and 6)
  • Mathematics | Bletchley Park (Maths, Computing, History), Metrobank, Mathematics Challenges

There are also residential trips for the Prep department, to serve to extend friendships and confidence boosters, including the exhilarating Junior Ski Trip in Year 6.

Leadership in the Prep Department

Leadership opportunities and positions of responsibility increase throughout students’ time in the Prep department. For Years 3 to 6 there is a Form Captain and Vice-Captain for every half-term, who undertake classroom responsibilities. In Year 6, leadership roles are further extended with a wide range of responsibilities, that are also found in the Senior School as we prepare students for the transition. Some of the roles include:

Prep Captain and Vice-CaptainsHouse Captain and Vice-Captains
Subject LeadersLibrarians
Captains for Charity, Sport, Swimming and ChoirSchool Parliament