Prep School Day

The structure introduced to students in Pre-Prep is further developed, with all students in Years 3-6 following the same format of the day. Like Pre-Prep, students in the Prep department are also afforded a dedicated slot to enable them to refuel in the calm surrounding. Prep and catering staff are always on hand to support the girls as they find their feet in the department. Before long, their confidence grows and students don’t look back.

We are sympathetic to the demands on our busy parents, and as a result provide wrap around care, meaning that girls are welcome in school from as early as 0730 hours to join the Breakfast Club - which is included within our fee structure. A wide range of hot and cold breakfast options are available, at a subsidised rate, paid on the day by the students further encourages their independence.

Whilst class-based learning finishes at 1600 hours, the extra-curricular programme kicks in with a large number of children remaining in school to take part in this enriching experience, and then also making good use of After-School Prep sessions once the Extra-Curricular programme finishes at 1700 hours. All of this is available at no extra charge. 

0840-0920 Period 1
0920-1000 Period 2
1000-1020 Break 
1020-1100 Period 3
1100-1140 Period 4
1140-1145 Movement Time
1145-1225 Period 5 
1225-1330 Lunch
1330-1410 Period 6
1410-1420 Registration 
1420-1440 Form Time or Assembly
1440-1520 Period 7 
1520-1600 Period 8