Pre-Prep School Day | Pipers Corner School

Pre-Prep School Day

The Pre-Prep Department follows a slightly different school day to the rest of the school, starting between 0815-0830 hours and finishing at 1530 hours.

The young learners, who are adapting to a new culture of structure in a school environment, will follow a routine where each two lesson session is then broken up with some the opportunity to rest and play, whilst ensuring they are always fuelled for the excitement and challenges ahead.

Students in the Pre-Prep department experience lunch in the same way as all other students in School, but at a point where they are afforded the chance to do so without the noise and distraction of older students. Pre-Prep and catering staff are always on hand to assist and support students, and needless to say, particularly careful attention is paid to those students who have particular dietary requirements.

We also offer wraparound care which includes Breakfast Club from 0730 hours, supervised by a qualified Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) member of staff, at which Pre-Prep students have a variety of breakfast options, available for a small charge. And an After-School Crèche, which is included as part of School fees and runs until 1800 hours in order to meet the needs of those busy working parents.