Wraparound Care | Pipers Corner School

Wraparound Care

Although the school day runs from 0815 to 1600 hours, or 1530 hours for Pre-Prep, we offer wraparound care before and after school to support the daily demands of our busy working parents.

Between 0730 hours and 0815 hours, Breakfast Club is available to all students from Reception through to Year 13. After School Club is available to all students between 1600 hours and 1800 hours, and for students in the Pre-Prep department, After School Creche is available to students from the end of the School day.

Breakfast Club

Girls in Pre-Prep and Prep are welcome to make use of our Breakfast Club on a regular or occasional basis, and can be dropped off at the Arts Centre Café from 0730 hours. 

Pre-Prep girls will be supervised and supported in the Café and then escorted to Pre-Prep department by a member of staff at 0815 hours. There is a small daily charge for students in Pre-Prep years to cover breakfast items and the need for a fully-qualified EYFS member of staff to support students.

After School

At the end of the school day, we offer a crèche for children in Reception to Year 2. It takes place in the Pre-Prep Department and the girls are offered a sandwich and a drink. Those girls wishing to participate, there are a number of after-School clubs, such as Karate, Tennis and Multi-Sports, alternatively they can play outside in the warm months or play and watch a DVD during the dark evenings. For parents wishing to use this service after the allotted clubs have finished, they can then join After-School Prep in the Senior School Library until the end of the day at 1800 hours. There is no charge for this facility. 

Similarly, Prep girls can take part in an array of After-school activities or they can head to After-School Prep to read or complete homework under the supervision of a teacher. Before attending extra-curricular clubs or After School Prep, girls are provided with a snack tea in the Dining Hall.