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We understand that a young person's thoughts, feelings and emotions underpin their ability to learn and prosper.  Through encouraging and engaging in conversations and discussions on mental health and wellbeing, our students are provided every opportunity to thrive in and outside of the classroom.

Our pastoral care is focused on our ability to know each child as an individual. The School offers an environment which promotes self-confidence, a feeling of self-worth, and that students’ worries and feelings are listened to and acted upon. The personalised level of care, which is delivered from the dedicated Pastoral Team - subject teachers, Form Tutor, Head of Year and upwards, means that the students are equipped with the skills to tackle challenges head-on, learn from setbacks and have the confidence to try again.

To reinforce our commitment to student welfare, we have appointed a Head of Wellbeing, Mrs Wilde, who specialises in Educational Anthropology and Emotional Intelligence. Mrs Wilde takes a child-centred, holistic approach to the support of our students’ wellbeing by providing the time and space to acknowledge all social, emotional and mental health needs.  Mrs Wilde can be found in our newly commissioned Wellbeing Room, located in the heart of the Main School.

Wonderfully inclusive...students are happy here, and feel they can be their true selves

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The Wellbeing Room

The Wellbeing Room is a welcoming and calming space available to students in support of their social, emotional and mental health needs. A peaceful environment has been carefully curated by Mrs Wilde, to feature plants, soft music, sensory activities and easily accessible reference materials.  For anyone requiring a moment of calm in their day, the Wellbeing Room operates an open-door policy, where students are invited to ‘take five minutes’ should they need it, before returning to their school day.

Sessions can also be booked with Mrs Wilde in the Wellbeing Room to receive support for managing anxiety and low mood, learning stress relieving techniques, or to simply share any concerns in a non-judgemental space where self-expression is encouraged. Through the teaching of practical strategies, the aim is to decreases emotional barriers to learning – whatever they may be.

Emotional intelligence sessions with Mrs Wilde provide short-term intervention (usually no more than 3-6 sessions). Parents/Guardians are consulted if support beyond this is required, such as a referral to the School Counsellor, an external organisation or the young person’s GP.  

All conversations on student mental health are welcomed

Mrs Wilde - Head of Wellbeing

Counselling Services

Our friendly School Counselling team form an essential part of the pastoral support network.  Our counsellors are trained professionals who have experience in helping students cope with a range of issues, including worries, anxiety, low mood, bereavement and more. If you feel like you or your child would benefit from working with one of our counsellors, we encourage you to reach out to us. School counselling referrals can be made via Tutors, Head of Years or a student visit to Mrs. Wilde.  Students can receive up to ten free-of-charge counselling sessions working towards positive changes in their life.  Together, we can work towards creating a happy and healthy school community. 

Most importantly, Parents say there's a sense of belonging

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Wellbeing Workshops

Our students receive preventative mental health support and education through access to wellbeing workshops specific to their age and stage of education.  Daily lunchtime workshops in Mindfulness, Sleep Tips & Tricks, LGBTQ+ and Friends Social, Managing Anxiety and Meditation for Years 7 -13.Our Sixth Form and Year 11 students receive tailored wellbeing workshops on topics including Exam Preparation, Self-Care and Managing and Achieving Potential.


Student Wellbeing Pathways

Our students are provided with a wide-range of support networks, meaning regardless of the source of anxiety that can impact on a student's wellbeing, the pathways are in place to support the young people at Pipers.

External Support for Young People and their Families

KoothAn online mental wellbeing community
Young MindsMental health charity for young people
BarnardosSearch for services supporting children, young people and their families across the UK
MindOffering help whenever you might need it through information, advice and local services


Childline0800 1111
HOPELINE UK0800 068 4141
Young Minds Text LineText YM to 85258


HeadspaceMediation and Mindfulness guidance. Sleep and Stress Management.
UnmindA cultural change platform for mental health and wellbeing
CalmThe #1 app for meditation and sleep



Helping to create transformative change in the lives of LGBTQ+ people across the UK.

Mermaids0808 801 0400
Switchboard0300 330 0630


Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? J. Smith

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ D. Goleman

The Alchemist P. Coelho

The Anxiety Antidote K Bedi

The Chimp Paradox S. Peters

The Way of the Tortoise. A Journal to Happiness

Teenagers Translated J. Downshire and N. Grew

Helping Your Child With Fears and Worries C.Creswell

The Curse of the Good Girl R. Simons

You don’t understand me T. Porter

Search using your postcode on the 'BACP Website' to view local regulated Counsellors and Therapists

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