A History of Pipers | Pipers Corner School

A History of Pipers

Pipers Corner was founded by Miss Jessie Cross, an inspirational woman who had remarkable ideas for the education of girls in a single sex environment.

The school started with 11 girls in Grove Park in Chiswick in 1930, moving to Richmond Hill in 1931 and splitting between two sites in 1935, the second being Prestwood in Buckinghamshire. The school finally settled in its current site in the winter of 1945.

By 1955 the number of pupils had doubled and there were 162 girls attending the school. Additions to the school took place throughout the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s included the Chapel, an outside swimming pool, the new building and subsequently Founders Wing and the Landau Hall.

In more recent years the inner courtyard was transformed into the glorious atrium, the Orchard Pool was built and a fitness suite was added.

Today, Pipers Corner is a magnificent school that has 605 students ranging in age from 4-18 years. The ethos of academic excellence coupled with a nurturing environment that encourages every girl to achieve her potential, is the same one that has prevailed since the school’s conception over 90 years ago.