Pipers Corner

Community links and charity work

Thousands of pounds are raised each year for local, national and international charities.  Sometimes, the cause may be one that has touched an individual girl’s life and it becomes a personal initiative; at other times, a charity is sponsored by one of the four houses, or perhaps by a particular form.

Our school charity is An African Dream which supports St Mark’s school in Uganda.  Pipers Corner has established close links with the school: girls correspond with pupils at St Mark’s  and we receive regular progress reports, detailing what has been achieved with the money we have donated.  Half of the proceeds of the annual Christmas Fair, organised by the Pipers PTA, go to St Mark’s.

During the year, we hold regular charity events.  All of the four houses take part in the Harvest Festival which is celebrated in October.  Each house contributes goods to a nominated charity in the local area, such as the Wycombe Night Shelter, the Simon Community and the One Can Trust.  One house distributes baskets to the elderly.  A number of events are planned during Children in Need week when Pudsey and Blush are much in evidence!  In the Spring Term, we support Comic Relief and in recent years the girls have been encouraged to take part in a Fun Run for Sport Relief.

Sixth Form girls assist teachers at a local primary school. Our boarders are sometimes involved in services at Hughenden Parish Church.          

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