Pipers Corner

Pipers Corner Video

Earlier this term we spent four days with a camera crew endeavouring to capture the essence of Pipers Corner - and its 14 different year groups and numerous activities - for a 90 second video for our website.

What might have seemed like an impossible task emerged not only as highly achievable, but turned out to be a wonderful experience due to the inspiration of the teachers involved and the focus and professionalism of all the students we were filming - helped by some unexpectedly brilliant sunny autumn weather.  It was such a privilege to watch the school in action that week.

We are very proud of this video which we share with you  - as it reflects the Pipers experience as seen through the eyes of five students of differing ages - thank you, Isis, Ria, Eva, Rhia and Chloe.  These girls walked patiently through every real scene, repeatedly, to be filmed with so many different backdrops - and there was not a green screen in sight.  Their words are our students’ own - hundreds of girls wrote about how they have moved forward at Pipers and we put together the narrators’ scripts from these original words. 

We are very proud of Always Moving Forward.  We hope you enjoy it too, please do tell us what you think!

Pipers Corner V5 from Pipers Corner School on Vimeo.

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