Sixth Form Open Evening | Pipers Corner School

Sixth Form Open Evening

Sixth Form Open Evening | Thursday 9 November 2023 | 1900-2100 hours

Each year, we open up our doors to our own Year 10 and 11 students, as well as to those who might be considering joining our incredible Sixth Form. This year, our Sixth Form Open Evening is on Thursday 9 November, and once again sees our Sixth Form Leadership Team, along with our Senior Prefects, host an evening that affords families the opportunity to see what makes our Sixth Form so special.

Whether it is learning more about the 24 A Level subjects on offer, from core subjects like History, Science, English Literature, Maths and Religious Studies, to those subjects that are special to Pipers like Food Science and Nutrition, Sociology, Psychology and Politics, this evening offers an insight into it all.

But our Sixth Form is so much more than just our A Level offering, and the evening experience doesn't end there! With our extensive super- and extra-curricular programmes also represented on the evening, including our Pipers Radio Academy, there is no hiding what a special place our Sixth Form is.

This marks the start of a series of events for Year 11 students, as they begin to prepare for the transition from the Senior School into the Sixth Form. Students will have the opportunity to access the Sixth Form Centre and sample A Level teaching - our teachers are experts in their field and engage with students at a peer-to-peer level sharing their knowledge and inspiring a life-long love of learning.

Here at Pipers, learning always takes place in small-group settings this offers both students and teachers the time and space to explore their chosen subjects in the greatest depth, whilst also enabling them to develop their intellectual-curiosity, confidence and emotional intelligence both in and out of the classroom.

Don't just take our word for it, come and see for yourself! If you are interested to learn more, fill out the form below and join us for what will be a great evening.