Pipers Corner

Extra-curricular Activities

A diverse range of clubs and activities has long been central to life at Pipers Corner and has a vital part to play in the development of each girl as a well-rounded individual.

With a wide selection of lunch-time and after-school clubs and activities to choose from, girls in the Prep Department are encouraged to discover their own interests in areas such as sport, technology, outdoor pursuits, performing and creative arts.

Groups and clubs

From gym to technology there are lots of clubs taking place at lunch time and after school for Prep girls to join. Some examples of current clubs are:

  • Prep Choir
  • Think Tank
  • Young Apprentice
  • Film Props Craft Club
  • Code Club

School trips

The Prep Department also organise regular school trips to places of interest. The girls have the opportunity of visiting local places of historic, cultural and religious interest. There are subject specific trips organised in addition to the more general whole year trips.

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