Pipers Corner


In the cheerful, positive and stimulating surrounding of the Pre-Prep Department we aim to encourage academic and personal development through a balanced approach of teaching and play.

Girls aged four to seven begin their education at Pipers Corner in the secure and welcoming surroundings of Woodlands, a self contained area tucked away in a quiet part of our campus. Here girls learn in a happy and stimulating environment. As well as promoting academic achievement there is great emphasis on the importance of nurturing personal and social development.

Building Confidence

The combination of small class sizes and dedicated, friendly staff ensure that all girls are inspired and encouraged to develop their own voice.  Every day is an opportunity for new discovery and adventure. In addition to lessons in the core subjects of English and Mathematics, girls also benefit from a topic-based curriculum of General Studies, which incorporates subject areas such as Science, History, Geography, RS and Art. A spirit of curiosity is encouraged as girls are introduced to new ideas and learn more about the world around them. There are regular visits to places of interest as well as opportunities to be creative and time to play.

Encouraging Independence

Throughout their time in the Pre-Prep Department girls grow in confidence and develop the skills and knowledge they need to prepare them for their next step.

The Pre-Prep Department maintains close links with the Prep Department to ensure a smooth transition when girls progress to the next stage of their education. Girls in the final year of Pre-Prep are encouraged to think more independently and make more of their own choices on a day-to-day basis. 

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